Social Services

BigADCo. has worked on numerous social service projects for the welfare of society.

Being a Rotarian herself, Priyanka’s company has worked on the entire campaign and event posters for a charity show organized by her Rotary club. An interesting play of colours and a strong design made it really appealing for the target audience. Along with the designing, printing assistance for posters, event tickets, certificates etc. was also provided.

Chaturmas is one of the biggest events for the Jain Community. For this first, the pamphlets and informative brochures were made. The colour palette was kept warm which gave the whole design a very positive feel.

rotary deepak bhajracharye event pass design - Social Services
rotary report graphic designing 1 - Social Services
rotary deepak bhajracharye event promotion - Social Services
chaturmas information brochure 1024x512 - Social Services
chaturmas sign boards 1024x512 - Social Services
chaturmas graphic designing 1024x512 - Social Services
chaturmas maps 1024x512 - Social Services

Services Provided


Advertising:- Newspaper Ads, Billboards, Sign Boards, Pamphlets, Events Tickets, Posters, Standees, Brochure

Print Assistance