Mittal Tea of Nepal, being established in the tea business for a long, wanted to package their tea for the first time. They thought of a product name ‘Chea’ which means tea in Nepali. Establishing a brand successfully in an overcrowded tea market space required a cutting-edge packaging design and a world-class execution in order to become a consumer’s first pick.

When Mittal group approached BigADCo., we curated a brand that reflected the passion and love with which tea is produced and enjoyed throughout the world. We knew that a great product like this required a greater visual identity. We created a unique brand identity for Chae, by transforming the ‘C’ of Chea to look like a teapot. For the packaging, we thought of using various vintage teapots. The packaging looked extremely attractive with the use of the right color combination of teapots and the tea leaves on the solid block on the side of the box.

This perfect amalgamation of vintage tea pots along with bright color scheme made the product look distinct and classy. A carefully chosen and thoughtfully combined an age old element to represent the timeless product which differentiated the brand from the rest.


Services Provided

Branding :- Logo Designing

Packaging Designing