DPS Montessori

Delhi Public School Montessori

Delhi Public School is a premier Montessori School based in Nepal.

They always believed that teaching moral values to the children is as important as academic learning, but could not communicate it well. Their visual designs were not reflecting the value of their organization. Their commitment to their students was never communicated well, hence the parents never understood their children’s future is in safe hands. They missed out on repeat business and word of mouth stopped spreading. They wanted to re-launch themselves by restating education goals and commitments to their students and parents.

When Delhi Public School approached BigADCo., we wanted to give the right visual to their vision and mission. A series of cartoon illustrations of children performing various good habits with cheerful colour backdrops were created to give an attractive and dynamic educational visual identity to the brand. A massive marketing drill was also executed with strategic placement of posters on lamp-posts, hoardings across the city and standees on the relevant landmarks. The banners with headlines about basic and simple valuable life lessons and facts help build this campaign.

This collaboration succeeded in distinguishing the institution from the other Montessori schools in the region. Positive feedbacks from existing parents and children were received and new admissions came pouring in.

dps montessori

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Advertising:- Banners, Lamp post banners, Hoardings, Standee

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