Fortune is food products brand under Nutri Food, which is one of the diversified businesses of Sharda Group, Nepal.

Though an established brand, Fortune group were facing an obstacle to connecting with their customers. Their visual branding was not representing their company well. Hence the value of their brand was decreasing. Moreover, ineffective marketing strategy was leading to wastage of tons of their precious time and money. They wanted to restyle the packaging to be on par with new market trends. The company visited BigADCo for the same.

BigADCo. adopted a very systematic plan to transform the look of each product packaging. The common layout was followed for each product variant employing synergism throughout the package. From the choice of colour to the positioning of the logo for each product variants was tailored in a very strategic manner. Illustrations of the content in the picture from on top of the packaging were done to make people attracted to what is being sold to them.

Their partnership with us upgraded the look of the brand products giving them a new brand identity. The unique packaging stood distinctive on the store shelves and people were able to recognize the brand easily. The brand succeeded in creating a unique marketplace while differentiating from rest.

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Branding :-Notepad

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Advertising :- Newspaper Ads

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