Goodleaf Tea

The goal of the owners of Goodleaf Tea was to nurture the spirit of ancient tea drinking rituals and believes in this fast-paced world where one can pull back and have relaxed moments over a cup of tea. To communicate the same the brand wanted to launch their product but knew to set a foot into a highly competitive overcrowded tea market required unique and strong packaging designs.

The company approached BigAdCo. to deliver an elegant visual identity for their product which not only communicates the brand values to its customers but also becomes their most desired choice. We designed simple yet aesthetic packaging for the tea with a natural eye-soothing palette of green and red-brown color signifying the color of tea before and after its preparation. Designs were created for various forms of packages such as tea pouches and boxes, and jar label packaging for the product. The use of just the right elements of tea leaves and gold foiling for packaging made packets and tea jar looked extremely classy and elegant arising the sense of freshness at its first glance.

The perfectly thought and artfully expressed the unison of deep-rooted thoughts and elegantly designed packaging made the product look distinct and classy. The design indeed energizes to enjoy and place more focus on the small details and experiences of everyday life.

Services Provided

Branding :- Logo Designing

Packaging Designing