Asian Biscuit & Confectionery (P) Ltd. is one of the established and leading manufacturers of biscuits and confectionery in Nepal.

Asian Thai Foods was already an established brand when the company wanted to venture into biscuits to launch Goodlife Biscuits. They just didn’t want to enter this overly crowded shelves flooded with other Indian & Nepali biscuit brands, but to have visuals that match with their brand value.

BigADCo. thought of providing a visual delight to Goodlife packages. Giving a unique identity to each variant was a big challenge as they competing in their own biscuit segment. The only way to stand out was through strong visuals, as we know we do judge the book by its cover when it comes to our buying decisions. Most consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision. Each variant whether its bourbon biscuits, treat fruity flavored cream-filled biscuits, or healthy choices like sugar-free biscuits, were treated as an individual product and designed to resonate with its unique taste and quality.

Well, thought and designed packaging have provided a strong shelf value to the products which resulted in a wider audience appeal. The brand has now registered strongly with consumers getting them to come back looking for Goodlife rather than picking the most accessible one from the shelves.

goodlife bourbon biscuit packaging design

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