Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wash

Hand Sanitizers and Hand Wash

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic lead to the launch of various hand sanitizers and hand wash products. A few such producers were introduced by Swadeshi Sabun, a subsidiary brand under the Sharda group in Nepal.

Since the COVID breakout hand sanitizers have become the most used product in every home, clinic, hospital, organization, and not to miss a constant companion of every pocket. The manufacturers of cleansing products recognized this situation called for the supply of effective and strong hand cleaner designs. With the rising demand, supply rose as well, making it challenging for all brands to come up with distinguished product designs in order to stand out in the market.

BigADCo. developed various hand wash and hand sanitizer labels for Swadeshi Sabun of Sharda Group and Dolfin Footwear. Creating a unique Right color and graphics were used to make the packaging labels look extremely attractive.

Strategic and effective advertisement and unique packaging of the product made the brands look and stand distinctive on the store shelves and people were able to recognize the brand easily. The brand succeeded in creating a unique marketplace while differentiating from the rest.