Hulas Foods

Hulas Foods are one of the most successful pioneers in Nepal’s food industry.

The company felt that the brand’s visual identity wasn’t reflecting the value of their company and wanted to uplift their 25years old brand image. They wanted to re-launch themselves and change its public perception of being age-old to a modern brand. Hulas Foods wanted a new and unique contemporary look for its brand image in order to establish themselves in this growing trend of self-purchase in departmental stores. Moreover, they knew they can’t impress shoppers and prospects with a generic packaging design that doesn’t make the products pop on the shelf or online.

The first step BigADCo. took was to transform the logo from a childishchef character to the mascot of a mature character, ‘a chef grandmother’to create the same emotional and cultural bond with the consumersthat we have with our AAMA(grandmother/ mother in Nepali. Following this, successful packaging designs werecreate to instill the desire in customers to choose it over other products on the shelf. Effective advertising tools like newspaper ads, flyers, calendars, in-store danglers, posters, standees, on-shop boards and facebook page was done to increase the brand awareness among the target customers andsuccessfully launch our AAMA. This collaboration has resulted in creating a unique market position for Hulas and the company saw an immediate spike in its sales and revenues. Customers were able to connect and build loyalty towards the brand giving tough competition in the market.

hulas foods
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Services Provided

Branding :- Mascot , Logo Designing , Corporate Identity

Packaging Designing

Advertising:- Newspaper Ads, Calendar Design, Shop Boards, Shop Danglers, Facebook Page, Shop Boards

Print Assistance