Hulas Vidhyut

Hulas Vidhyut E- Rikshaw

For the first time in Nepal, Electric Rickshaws were introduced by Hulas Motors, a subsidiary of Golchha Organization.

The client wasn’t sure how to launch this brand successfully especially because it was a new product. They wanted an advertising agency that can communicate the value of this new eco-friendly product as well as maintain the standards of Hulas Motors.

BigADCo. took the stress of designing off their plate so they could focus on what they are good at running their business. A very effective logo was designed showing two leaves within a circle symbolizing Mother Earth as well as a wheel in motion. Innovative graphics were created for the rickshaw banners as well as their exhibition stalls.

With a beautiful brand that helped them stand out in a crowded market place, word of mouth started to spread like never before. They got more repeat and referral business because customers were proud to do work with them. And they are even prouder to introduce others to them.

hulas erikshaw

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Services Provided

Branding :- Logo Designing, Corporate Identity

Advertising :- Newspaper Ads, Shop Boards, Shop Boards, Exbihit Stalls

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