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Project Overview

Hyundai is one of the biggest international brands in the world. It has been providing great vehicles to its customers. But with the evolvement of the company, they came forward with the concept of Electronics.

Nepal Audience wasn’t sure if Hyundai electronics comes from the same trusted brand as Hyundai cars. In the interest of brand awareness, they approached BigADCo. for their services.

What Did We Do?

First of all, we tried to create a brand image in the mind of the customers. As a result of that, the brand positioning came through as “Transforming Lives“.  This brand positioning was first established through social media marketing and paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

A responsive website was also created following the same brand guidelines. Our effective SEO practices led to the ranking of the site on the first page of Google.

Lastly, catalog and flex boards were also created.


Services provided to Hyundai Electronics

  1. Brand Positioning and Brand Guidelines
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Graphic Designing & Branding
  4. Website Development
  5. Content Writing
  6. SEO
  7. Printing Assistance


This collaboration of Hyundai Electronics and BigADCo. resulted in better brand visibility for Hyundai Electronics. It has become one of the top choices for Electronics among the Nepali audience.

Engaging, entertaining, and informative content on social media along with paid ads has led to an increase in reach and followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Right SEO practices have made Hyundai Electronics rank on the first page of google. The number of impressions of the website on google and user clicks on the website has increased by 200% organically.

Execution Strategy

Systematic strategies followed by BigADCo.

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Content writing based on customer problems
  4. Paid ads on social media
  5. SEO
  6. Timely blog posting

“Great experience working with BigADCo.

“We couldn’t find a suitable advertising agency which can understand and design promotional materials for our products. We had to invest a lot of time explaining our needs, but still, we didn’t get a satisfactory outcome which was frustrating.

With BigADCo. we got a really good outcome with the designs and concepts which suit our brand and helped us promote the brand the way we desired. We felt that they invested a lot of time studying the product and developing appropriate concept ads and company brochures. With the very first design, we realized we have found the perfect Digital Marketing agency for our brand.

It’s a great experience working with ‘BigADCo.’ We feel relaxed and confident as we need to explain our requirements once and we get the best outcome.”

Rajeev Kabra

Director, Hyundai Electronics

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