ITC Classic

ITC Classic

Priyanka Agarwal, as an Art Director, worked for a lot of ITC brands like Classic, Navycut, Goldflake, and their various Limited Edition Packs and Limited Edition Variants when she was part of JWT.

Since direct advertising of tobacco is banned in India, the marketing of such products becomes limited to a few means which in turn limits the freedom of designing. Priyanka remembers “Designing in such limited space was a big challenge and the options to experiment were few.” She had designed Limited Edition Packs like the music series and horse series, and orange and lemon flavor Limited Edition Variants for a classic range of ITC cigarettes.

In addition, even the existing packs were revamped time and again bringing in new design trends. The concept of a Blue leaf, for example, had to bring in the existing Classic pack without losing its original brand essence. Despite the challenging ground rules set, various innovative cigarette packs were continuously designed that created a point-of-difference. She was also actively involved in the designing of various promotional events of new brand launches in night clubs. For ITC, Tobacco packaging was taken up by JWT as a continuous design process, and newness was brought in every once in a while. Hundreds of designs were created and developed into adboards placed strategically across the market. As a head designer, work on Adboards which were the only outdoor and big design platforms to promote the brands was a massive task. Each artboard had to look different from each other again, a demanding job since new design elements were to be developed deriving from the pack itself.

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