P.C. Chandra

P.C. Chandra

P.C. Chandra, the gold, silver & diamond Jewellery brand based out of Kolkata, has been a household name for over eight decades. Our founder, Priyanka got an opportunity to take up the project with such an esteemed brand during my tenure at JWT, Kolkata. They wanted their product to be distinguished from the other hundreds of jewellery brands in the city. The designs had reflected the reputation of their brand effectively.

Being a lady herself, Priyanka, understood what the target audience wants. Her designs were built around the tagline “a journey of trust” having an emotional message that most women can associate themselves with. These were considered breakthrough designs with their layout, the colour schemes, the way the jewellery seems to form a dimension behind the model as also showing its beauty in full glory at the end of the page. This was a ground breaking design – a page break having the beautiful Indrani Dasgupta zoomed out on one half and the other zoomed in half showcasing the grandeur of the jewellery. Hundreds of designs were developed having a different focus and selection every month to stay organized and relevant.

The brand voice that this famous campaign established made the consumers comfortable enough to place their trust in the brand. Going above and beyond with marketing builds a solid reputation and has high brand recall value and awareness. These designs were used in elite magazines to attract women in that target segment. They were also developed into Hoardings and Billboards and placed strategically at key locations around the city offering effective exposure to large audiences most vividly. This built a strong recall value for the brand.

Services Provided

Advertising:- Newspaper Ads, Calendar Design, Shop Boards, Shop Danglers, Shop Boards