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Perfect Food Candy Bee POPS

When Perfect Food decided to launch their new product, Candy Bee POPS- a lollypop brand for kids, they knew it would be a big challenge for them to establish themselves. POPS was going to be launched when the market was flooded with various other candies and lollypops, all of them already holding their strong position in the market.

As the target audience for candies are children and the young population, BigADCo. knew it won’t be easy to make POPS their first choice until the packaging was extremely attractive. We along with Perfect Foods thought of using Doremon, a highly famous and popular cartoon to tempt the children. Vibrant colors, swirling abstract patterns, popping 3D effects of the logo were used to design visually strong packaging. All of the POPS wrappers showed Doremon holding each flavor of the lollipop and enjoying it, making the kids want the POPS just like their favorite cartoon character.

This concept did wonders, as Candy Bee POPSstood distinguished from the rest, It became one of the most chosen product over the other on the shelf and the perfect choice forthis young and fragile target audience.

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