Rathicol Adhesives

Rathicol Adhesives have been manufacturing unique and superior quality adhesives for various applications.

Rathicol, once called Rathi Adhesives, were struggling to get all their products aligned under the one symmetric look. Their packaging did not reflect the quality of their products. Also due to the lack of uniformity among the products, it was difficult for customers to distinguish them. Moreover, they wanted to launch and establish their new products successfully in unison with the existing ones.

When they partnered with BigADCo., we knew that we had to come up with a bold and new marketing plan for the product to make it the first choice of the customers. A unique packaging identity for each package was styled giving them their own individuality yet recognized as a member of the same family ie. Rathicol. Along with this, newspaper ads and posters were designed to match the essence of each of the individual brands.

Attractive packaging and effective advertisements helped the brand gain new customers and expand their business. The product stood out on the shelves and indeed has won to become the first choice of its customers.

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