Same Tractors

SAME Tractors

Arihant Commercial Pvt. Ltd., is part of the RK Golchha group, one of the oldest and most esteemed business houses in Nepal. The organization believes in providing quality services and keeping loyalty towards their customers their top priority.

When they wanted to launch SAME Tractors in Nepal, they knew launching such a huge a multinational brand won’t be an easy task as their brand value had to be reflected in the advertising materials. The brand’s colour designs elements had to be used effectively and converted into local languages.

The organization approached BigAdCo. to their launch SAME Tractors in Nepal. The association of the tractor to strength and reliability sure asked for marketing strategies that matched its characteristics. We knew that product has to be advertised in a strategic way to reach the target audience, so the good understanding of the Same was done. Advertisement materials like pamphlets, hoardings, launch posters and print ads were created using the brand colour and maintaining its international look.

SAME was launched with a big bang as one would call it. The result of our work was seen rolling over the choices made by the clients. The huge advertising secured the brand identity that further resulted in a strong validation of the product it’s market.

Services Provided

Advertising:- Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads, Hoardings, Shop Boards

Print Assistance