Sharda Group

Swadeshi Sabun and Pashupati Tel, subsidiary brands under Sharda Group, Nepal, felt the need to come up with distinguished visual designs. Though these established brands, they were not able to connect with their customers to the level the quality of their products is. They wanted to give their existing products an overall makeover and launch their new products so that they become consumers’ first pick.

BigADCo., was approached to develop unique and attractive packaging for their different range of soaps under Swadeshi Sabun and Hello- refined sunflower oil under Pashupati Tel.

Packaging for each range was done according to their purpose of use such as, Juneli a beauty soap was given delicate packaging with flowers capturing the very essence of beauty and purity. While Aaha and a unique dual-purpose Dollar soap packaging were done using eye-soothing colors. For Hello simple yet very strong and vibrant design was created through the use of bright yellow color with illustrations of sunflower on the packaging to elevate the visual identity of the product. Also, a heart was placed at the left corner to show responsibility to keep its consumers healthy and happy. Attractive poster and hoarding designs for various range of soaps and print ads for Hello were carried out to reach its customer’s heart and home successfully.

The new, innovative and distinctive style of packaging i.e. use of soothing colors for range of soaps while bright yellow color for Hello made the brands stand out from the rest.Soon both the brands startedestablishing itself at a strong position amidst others popular established brand which sure was a difficult task andindeed succeeded in winning trust of its users.


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