Super Paulin

Super Paulin

Shivam Plastic Industries Pvt Ltd., a leading manufacturer of HDPE/PP woven fabrics in Nepal.

They wanted to launch their new high-quality tarpaulin brand. It was very important for the brand visual to resonate with the brand value. The bigger concern for them was how to go about it. The visual of this superhero for their brand had to come alive in an effective manner.

The company approached us with this ambitious plan. Brainstorming sessions with the client gave birth to our super character Super Paulin. A personified image of a superhero, clothed in blue and red colour Tarpaulin was designed to represent the product. This seemed just perfect to portray the core value of the product- durability, endurance, strength beyond ordinary. The very heart and the soul of the product, ‘Super Paulin’ was infused with everything related to the product. The woven sack used for Tarpaulin packaging was also set a class apart by its eye-catchy design. The folders carrying different tarpaulin samples were also presented in a conceptualized manner. The character became a unique brand identifier through the use of visual identities in all the packaging materials and stationeries. A website design was also created on the same lines of the product colour scheme and identity.

The launch of the product was a hit and the results were outstanding. Its distinct name and illustrative approach with an unexceptional identity ‘Super Paulin’ made the company recognizable and distinguished from its competitors.

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