Surya Teer

Priyanka, the founder of BigADCo. while working in Thompson Nepal, has been part of various projects. One such project was to work with one of the most prestigious clients of the company, Surya Nepal. Designing effective packaging for their Surya matchboxes which not only reaches the right consumer segment but also become their first choice among the rest, was indeed challenging and demanded out of the box packaging strategies.

Knowing the wide use of matches in the households, one of the design routes targeted women. Priyanka put the idea of ‘Grihajyoti'(light of the house) to life . The idea of connecting The lady of the house who is also considered as the light of the house with the matches worked very well. A different route consisted of Graphic oriented designs with an attractive colour scheme.

This massive design drill lead to the creation of extremely attractive and effective packaging design and brand positioning in the homes and hearts of its target audience.

Services Provided :

Packaging Designing