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Good advertisement has the capacity to induce favorable opinions in the audience’s minds.

Media Planning & Execution

Conceptualization of ad campaign

visual engaging ads & TVC

Importance of Advertising for marketing

The basic step to advertise your product or service in a logical way is to inform the audience about the product. Further, in the 21st century, you can’t just provide information about the product and expect conversions. Engagement is the key to all kinds of advertising strategies. An appealing advertisement that relates to the viewers’ interest could go a long way and create a buzz. Remember, when advertising your product, the aim shouldn’t be just to inform but also to persuade the audience. As an advertising agency in Nepal, this is our goal. 

All those viewing the Television, kids, old and young groups are your audience. At BigAdCo, we play our part as an advertising agency in Nepal by creating relevant advertisements for your brand to enhance the reach-to-conversion ratio. 

The advertising campaigns are carried out to satisfy three main objectives, 

  • Inform – Such advertising is used to bring awareness to the common audience about the recent product and service launches, details of the product, pros and cons, etc. 
  • Persuade – Persuasive advertising is an important tool in the 21st century. Brands make major use of persuasive advertising to retain the beliefs of the existing customers.  It is also used to convince the other customers to choose their brands over rival ones, by listing out the benefits, appealingly. 
  • Remind – Sometimes, brands circulate a reminder advertisement to people for the purchase of a product or service. This could be used by major companies during some low sales phase to boost their marketing

Investing in advertising your brand product creates a sense of belief in users. The proper use of this tool could take the brand up to newer heights. Users could use options such as digital media, custom content, images, symbols, and engaging topics for creating impactful advertisements. 

To create ad campaigns and catchy product advertisements, we play our role in three ways, which are discussed below.

Why Your Business Needs Proper Media Planning & Execution ?

Media Planning & Execution

To run an ad campaign, it is necessary to understand its main scope. The first step when planning for an ad campaign is creating an outline of the strategy. An outline of the data available and the data needed has to be written down. As an advertising agency in Nepal, firstly we draft a media plan. A media plan is a report document that lists out the given data that is needed for the campaign. The four main components of an ad campaign are, 

  • Listing out the main objectives. 
  • Checking the media 
  • Using relevant media elements to choose from
  • Chunking out the budget of the campaign 

Unlike other advertising agencies in Nepal, at BigAdCo, we focus on implementing user-friendly media options. Through insights into the previous campaigns, our team analyses the data to decide the correct set of media engaging options. A proper balance has to be struck between innovation-driven and research-driven data. It is an essential point during the formulation of strategies for optimized campaigns. All these activities come under the media planning section.

Conceptualization of ad campaign

Before going to the execution stage, the initial steps of planning have to be precise to the point. During the planning stage, a list of the focus concepts is created. These concepts are then broken down into detailed elements of design, story, and chances of success. Questions of the likes, what issue does this element address, who is the target consumer need to be answered during the conceptualization stage. As an advertising agency in Nepal, we conduct research and use our experience to create the best strategies.

After thorough research on these aspects, the various strategies must be reviewed for any loopholes and chances of miscalculations. To find a solution, one must find ways to check the research-based questions practically. This step could lead to the development of the idea towards the innovation stage. As a creative advertising agency in Nepal, our team focuses on finding creative solutions to evolve ideas into real-time running concepts.

visual engaging ads & TVC

Each of us is aware of Television Commercials (TVC) that have become quite common for marketing products, services organizations, and entertainment. These ad commercials usually range anywhere between 10 seconds to 180 seconds. However, it is the idea and appeal factor that matters more than the length of the commercial. Creating a convincing ad that appeals the target audience is our aim as an advertising agency in Nepal. These commercials are also used as reminder advertisements for various products and services. 

An engaging TVC consists of a user-intent-based unique idea with a direct brand correlation with the product. For instance, the idea of toothpaste co-related to Colgate and so on. It should have a clear message without any ambiguity or stereotypical judgments.

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