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Content Writing 

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

“Content is King ”

Article/ Blog Writing

Technical Content Writing

Website Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

Importance of Quality Content

Your website is the face of your brand. This website consists of elements such as content, graphics, design, and much more. To determine the type of your beliefs, this website needs to impress. For this purpose, what your website says plays an essential role. Content has the ability to make or shakedown your good impression. What decides the kind of impression that your content makes is how clear and creative the content is.  An impressive content has a fine balance between the technical aspects, creative elements, and service-related tonality. 

The power to provide your brand the impetus lies in the content you put up. As a content writing company in Nepal, we concentrate on curating content that reflects the work ethics which potential clients search for. Further, your content should also be engaging enough for someone to find interest to read it completely. For this, a creative touch is needed to create a long-lasting impact. 

At BigAdCo, we excel at various content types such as

  • Supportive content: Any information that you present on your website is counted as supportive content. It helps the user understand a topic from the beginning.
  • Marketing content: As the name goes, this content type is used to advertise your product/service. It helps to sell your content better and is usually found on e-commerce websites. 
  • Industry-Based Content: This is a niche-based content type. It is used when required to focus on a certain industry alone, such as pets, children, etc. 
  • Research articles: Such articles consist of in-depth research-backed information with verified facts and technical details. It gives the details rather than just an overview of a particular topic.
  • SEO Friendly Content: Such articles are written to increase your rankings, better known as search result visibility. This involves optimizing your content with Keyword stuffing, user-intent-driven phrases, and much more.

At BigADCo We offer different types of Content Writing Services

Article/ Blog Writing

Blog writing is an important aspect of brand website development. By starting a blog, you get the means to keep your website active and also generate traffic. Good quality content could ensure continuous lead generation. Meanwhile, you may also focus on building your web pages alongside. Hence, the blog page helps you take the pre-beginning step to create an engaging and strongly backed website. You can create backlinks, off-page SEO, and much more using blogs as a tool for your future prospects. Unlike other content writing agencies in Nepal, we ensure that your website blogs are written so as to serve the purpose they are meant for.

The longer blogs create more new words for the search engines to index and also help let the search engines know exactly what the page is about. The current thinking is that the longer the better and we recommend an absolute minimum of 300 to 400 words and ideally over 1,000 words.

Technical Content Writing

Technical Content writing is a creative job. Writing a technical article using the proper balance of jargon and facts is a challenging aspect. When you are working on some technical topic, the content that you write has to be driven in the way that the reader would want to when reading. For this, the writer should have an excellent command of the language. He/She should also be well-versed with the tone, style, and imagination of technical article writing. Furthermore, they should have a vast knowledge of several fields and an open mind to learn more. 

A writer needs to be a jack of all trades as it is a vast field. It can be anything like electronics, science, spirituality, reviews, sports, and even social media writing.

At BigAdCo, our writing team understands the importance of good, engaging, and SEO-friendly, technically sound articles. Our experienced content writers keep the article tone crisp and up to the mark. The content of these articles plays an important role in increasing the sales of a company. 


Website Content Writing

Writing website content that’s accurate and comprehensive is a labor-intensive process that can involve hours of research, writing, and editing for even a single page. This content becomes the face of the brand. It determines the reach to conversion transition ratio. The main purpose of the web content is to attract readers, to convince them to make your brand their preferred brand. Google and other search engines rank search results are based upon the likelihood that web pages will answer the user’s search query. Therefore content has to be curated keeping SEO, advertising, and the company’s beliefs in mind.

The writer must be skilled to represent the brand’s credibility and experience clearly in a tone that appeals to the visitors. It should form favorable opinions in the target audience’s mind to increase the annual sales. Unlike other content writing agencies in Nepal, we understand the importance of good quality content for your website.

That is why, at BigAdCo, we provide services such as, 

  • Content upgradation 
  • Engaging website content development 
  • Simplifying and Organizing the web content 
  • Creating New,unique website content

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing is the process of planning, creating, and optimizing content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines.

The primary focus of this content type is to provide SEO-driven, high-ranking content. To rank better in google searches, good quality content is extremely essential. Apart from good quality content, google algorithms look for content that has been optimized for SEO requirements. Hence, content that is well-written and upgraded for SEO may be considered a good piece of SEO content. Our content writers create clear, interesting content that is meant for human beings, not computer programs.

Put another way:

Amazing contentsolid on-page SEO = SEO Content writing.

 At BigAdCo, we ensure that the proper practices of SEO writing are followed. Our writers understand the importance of keyword stuffing, and user intent-driven content. It helps in improving the organic search result visibility.

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