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A brand is an idea that should form in people’s minds and create an impact. An impact that makes them believe in the product, thereby naturally convincing them to purchase that very product. How do you want people to remember your brand as? Luxurious? Or a daily use? At BigAd Company, we truly believe in gaining the confidence of the target customers in order to improve the conversion ratio.  For bigger and better perks, an effective branding strategy is important. Branding is all about adopting the right set of strategies to give an accurate and convincing perception of your brand product. Unlike other Graphics design companies in Nepal, we work right at the base. Setting the right logo, slogan and brand tagline for a proper corporate identity. Our focus lies on including the element of human touch to the digital aspects. Such a connection plays a key role in creating and improvising user interaction. For the same, we collaborate with creative minds and brands that aim to think differently, for better prospects. As a responsible Graphics design company in Nepal, we would love to help think creatively to carry out many successful campaigns ahead together. 

To begin with, a good brand awareness strategy that relates to your target client group has to be formulated. The basic advantage that a good brand awareness strategy provides is engagement. When your brand is creating discussions and bringing opinions out of people’s minds, it is a good sign. Once this buzz starts turning the heads, thereafter your presentation plans are in handy.  The presentation should be symbolic of your brand identity. It is the basic step to the ladder of a successful branding campaign. There are a number of ways that could lead to a successful branding campaign. Discussed below are the design marketing elements that will strengthen your branding campaigns.

Broucher / Catalouge Design

Catalogs are a well-recognized form of advertising that gives out a sufficient amount of information in an ordered manner. You would have checked product details, service descriptions in appealing brochures when you visit some service agency or product showroom. Businesses often incorporate this strategy as a part of their brand awareness campaign. It also helps in brand identity building. To have a lasting effect of your service advertisement on the target customer’s mind, a well-designed catalog goes a long way. A brochure that appeals with the right balance of colors, design, and content order creates a roadmap for better engagement and conversion probabilities. As a Graphics design company in Nepal, we highly recommend to create an attractive brochure.

Packaging Desing

The first thing that a person sees when buying a product is its packaging. Packaging design tells about the brand’s appeal factor. A product with a poorly designed package is always the last choice of consumers. The package has to consist of the right amount of product information as well as the right set of colors and design aspects. As a Grapics design company in Nepal, we use this knowledge to help create an opportunity of communication. By including all these features on a product package in s creative manner could also lead to an indirect engagement. Furthermore, the product package designing also plays a vital role in forming opinions about whether the product is worth the investment or not. It tells the potent consumer about what is enclosed within the package, who can use and when to use.

Banners, Posters, Business Cards abd Graphic Designs.

To help reach a wider audience, banners or posters are a great way. However, for such widespread advertising, banners having the most impactful presentation and an accurate message is important. Unlike Other Graphic Design companies in Nepal, we at BigADco ensure that our brand posters & banners include a creative aspect & design element to it that apple to the consumer target group. We aim to provide these creative aspects at reasonable costs. An advantage of banner and business card designing is their one-time cost, for a longer advertising span.

Creative and Illustrations.

As said earlier, the better the presentation, the better will be the engagement and reach. By involving some creative ways, such as illustrations in packaging designs, or poster creation helps to build a better branding campaign. All that you want to convey about your brand, to convince your client is possible. As a  Graphics design companies in Nepal, we aim to create positive client-company interaction by involving creative and unique elements.

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