What happy business owners saying about us

Surendra Golchha

Surendra Golchha Managing Director, Hulas Khadyan

“I wanted to relaunch our brand Hulas Food and was looking for a worthy service provider. I was not getting the right person to do the job until I found BigADCo.

Priyanka and her team are good and much better than others here, and there is a lot they can do. They gave us a solution by creating a mascot that made our brand stand out against the competition.

Even after 4 years, following the same design and concept made by BigADCo.”

Amit Sarda

Amit Sarda Director, Asian Foods, Swadeshi Sabun, Pashupati Tel

“In past designs were being made at Kathmandu or in India, any changes required used to take time. The designing part was an issue at Biratnagar, working with BigADCo solves this problem.

Their concepts match the current trend. Now the whole design process has become much easier, faster and acceptable.

It was an ‘Aaha moment’ for us when our first designs of Aaha soap were shared. We now have a design company we can trust for any of our brands.”

Arun Rathi

Arun Rathi Director, Rathicol & Delhi Public School

“Earlier we would only get good designs from Kathmandu or India. Moreover, coordinating with them was also very difficult. We were never satisfied with the design given by other designers available locally.

BigADCo. made our dream come true. The way we wanted our brand to look visually only became possible by working with them. They always come up with new concepts and designs that give uniqueness to our products and make them different from others in the market. One to one interaction with BigADCo. makes getting desired work much easier for busy business owners like us. It’s very easy to communicate and see the work in progress.

Our brand and products now look professional and branded.”

Anuj Rathi

Anuj Rathi M.D., Premier Organics Pvt.Ltd. (Royal Reserve Whiskey)

“We were unable to get a packaging design which would reflect the brand positioning.
Since we were working on a tight schedule, every unworkable concept meant a loss of crucial time increasing the pressure on us.

At BigADCo., the ability to understand our brief was commendable. The very first
packaging concept resonated with our brand philosophy and gave us the confidence that we are finally working with a design company which has the same thought process as ours.

We now have a product design that stands out in the market.”

Pradip Sarda

Pradip Sarda Director, Fortune(Nutri Food Pvt. Ltd.)

“Our current packaging designs were not reflecting the way we wanted our consumers to connect with our brand. We wanted to change the designs of our various products but
didn’t know where to start.

With the current designs, the brand was not perceived as a premium one and we were not getting expected sales.

BigADCo. understood our problem and gave us a plan which would give us expected results, unlike any other agency.

The moment I saw the first round of designs, I was confident that we have finally partnered with an agency who will make my our brand stand out in the market.

Our brand now stands differentiated in the market as a superior household brand resulting in increased sales.”

Rajeev Kabra

Rajeev Kabra Director, Hyundai Electronics

“We couldn’t find a suitable advertising agency which can understand and design promotional materials for our products. We had to invest a lot of time explaining our needs, but still, we didn’t get a satisfactory outcome which was frustrating.

With BigADCo. we got a really good outcome with the designs and concepts which suits our brand and helped us promote the brand the way we desired. We felt that they invested a lot of time in studying about the product and developing appropriate concept ads and company brochures. With the very first design, we realized we have found a perfect
agency for our brand.

Its a great experience working with ‘BigADCo’. We feel relaxed and confident as we just need to explain our requirement once and we get the best outcome.”

Nikhil Agarwal

Nikhil Agarwal MD, Shivam Plastic Industries

“We wanted someone to help us launch our new product, a design company whose thinking wavelength would match with ours, and in coordination we would have a well-satisfied outcome. Other design companies could not interpret what exactly we wanted.

‘Magic with personal touch’- Getting personal time with BigADCo. helped evolve work into magical outcome, as was done in creating our brand ‘Super Paulin’. Every moment made us feel, they would help us giving birth to our new brand.

We have gotten more gutful to come up with newer brands, cause we already know we have a Brand Solution Maker readily available to help us to create ‘Magic’.”

Rohit Agarwal

Rohit Agarwal Director, GP Group

“We wanted to give a visual identity to our brand but did not know where to start. We had not been able to do justice to the quality of our product by giving it a successful look.

BigADCo. helped us in a big way. They not only gave our brand a strong identity but also communicated our message of providing huge value to our clients in the most effective manner. The moment we saw our first round of ads and exhibition stall design, we knew our problem was solved. Further, we were able to measure the impact by counting the number of new leads after these ads went online.

We now just concentrate on our business while BigADCo. works on all the creative aspects with least of our involvement. Also, now we do not have to search for leads when sales are low but we have leads continuously pouring in.”

Dhiraj Golcha

Dhiraj Golcha Director, Hulas Vidhyut

“Various questions came to my mind before I was going to launch Hulas Vidhyut. How can we highlight environment friendly product in our branding? How we can look and feel different from other brands in our approach? Customers should feel some value in buying our product right from realizing the benefits e-rikshaw has to the users and the environment.

We needed someone who would understand this thought process.

We liked the look & feel of the designs presented by BigADCo. They helped us develop on our concept by understanding what we were looking for. We developed pamplets, brochures, business cards which looked nice and displayed what we were trying to portray.”